2021-22 Membership

Membership Benefits Include:

  • access to members-only events (all events outside of park days and the Not Back to School Picnic),
  • access to and free items from the Reuse Centre, with HLSA’s shared access card (must be requested),
  • access to an internal library of resources, and
  • a 20% discount on books at Chapters.

What Happens After Registration

Upon receipt of forms, the HLSA Membership Coordinator will:

  • send a receipt
  • a Welcome/Information Letter
  • a membership card,
  • and an invitation to the members-only Facebook group where events are posted.

Yearly Membership

Yearly membership for families with school-aged children is $30, which fees are applied to park rentals, administration, website, insurance, and more.

Alumni Membership

Families who have been members of HLSA for 5+ years, with all children over age 18 (Fee: $1)

Associate Membership

Children over 18 whose families have been HLSA members for 5+ years (Fee $1)