Family-Made Traditions

Member families of HLSA have created and sustained some traditional gatherings and celebrations for 25+ years. All of these events have evolved from the heartfelt commitment of member families who had an idea and wanted to share it with the community. These ideas were embraced by the community and became traditions over the years, staying alive through the active participation of many families.

HLSA is known for celebrations that involve the whole family and build lasting friendships.


Organized & Active Membership

HLSA aims to host low-cost to neutral cost activities for members while at the same time maintaining a budget that is reviewed with membership. Members are invited to organize new activities through communication with the HLSA Board. Any activity hosted by HLSA is volunteer-run, and HLSA will host as many activities as can be organized by volunteer members throughout the year.

Annual & General Meetings

HLSA holds a minimum of three member meetings per year, typically two General Meetings and one Annual General Meeting, at which members weigh in and vote on matters of interest.

Examples of traditional HLSA activites often include, but are not limited to: