HLSA Events

Members families have created and sustained some traditional gatherings and celebrations over the last 20 years. All of these events have evolved from the heartfelt commitment of member families who had an idea and wanted to share something with the community. The community embraced many of these ideas and they have become traditions over the years. These traditions stay alive through active participation of families. HLSA is known for celebrations that involve the whole family.

The Not Back to School Picnic is a potluck picnic that usually takes place at Emily Murphy Park on the first day of school in September.

The Halloween Walk – an enchanted tale brought to life down a pumpkin lit path in Hawrelak Park. Families dress up in costumse and gather around a bonfire, to drink hot apple cider and share potluck snacks.

Lantern Walk is often held near Remembrance Day. Homemade lanterns are created during Park days then carried through the ravine to share music and conversation round a fire.

Winter Carnival has been a winter event held in the park with skating, sledding, maple syrup treats on the snow and other fun activities.

The Spring Dance is a whole family potluck event with music and dancing.

Mayday is a potluck park event where families usually dance around the Maypole and make flower wreaths.

Medieval Day usually takes place late in May. Children dress up in period costumes and sell their wares at a medieval fair.